Why a Sea-ecotrip

It is an unparalleled experience to watch and study the marine wildlife mainly because of the psychological, educational and environmental benefits that are associated with this sort of trip. It simply takes the tourist from passive appreciation to exciting understanding of the environment, with activities that are designed to stimulate interest and enthusiasm and provide an educational asset.

Sailing the Ionian waters gives you a good chance to study eight (see Cetecean Guide) of the most interesting species of marine mammals up-close and perhaps a few more if the conditions are right.

Through the Sea-ecotrip experience, the Greek seas are transformed into a magical school and into a laboratory pulsating with life. In this field-laboratory you learn interactively how to connect with and experience the sea environment, while invigorating yourself with the pleasures and the joys of a sailing trip.

During the tracking down of the dolphins or other cetaceans we use almost the same scientific ways that oceanographers and marine biologists use for the monitoring of the dolphins.

We also concentrate on educating you on the different species, the way to identify them, to calculate the number of a pod and to understand their behavior. Moreover we focus on gathering all the appropriate information we need for our data base, which is getting richer every year, so that we can contribute to the scientific community in understanding the real situation of these species and help them propose to the government solutions for the protection of cetaceans and general of the marine environment that is severely affected from human activities.

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