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What is so special about Sea-ecotrips?


Sea-ecotrips offers sailing trips with an ecological focus with the ambition to guide you through an experiential acquaintance with the unique ecosystems of the Greek seas, giving you the opportunity to “feel” the way these ecosystems connect with the Planet.

Through the Sea-ecotrip experience the Greek seas are transformed into a magical school and into a laboratory pulsating with life. In this field-laboratory you learn interactively how to connect with and experience the sea environment, while invigorating yourselves with the pleasures and the joys of a sailing trip.

Experiencing a non-consumerist approach of the way we live and interact with the sea environment and at the same time learning ways and attitudes that help protect - and most importantly not destroy - the environment, has also another effect. It gives us insight into a bigger planetary mind that changes the way we see others and also ourselves.

The heart of Sea-ecotrips is of course the sailing way of life. Because living in a boat and sailing is a special way of life full of joy and sensual enlivening. The educational activities that are built into every Sea-ecotrip include dolphin watching and bioacoustics with the use of hydrophones, microscopic observation of sea organisms, underwater photography and identification of organisms and many more.

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